March 28, 2017

Ask anyone. Are you collaborative? Chances are they'll answer, yes! But collaboration is (at least) a tango. That is to say, it takes two: you and the other(s). And since we are good at collaborating, when things go wrong, the problem must belong to... you guessed...

December 28, 2016

For better or for worse, collaboration requires meetings. And when meetings are insufferable, collaboration suffers. Think about how much time, energy and goodwill is squandered in meetings.

We participate in meetings where people:

  • Don’t know where the meeting will b...

July 15, 2016

Are you coachable? What does that even mean? In real life, nobody’s 100% this or that. Still, it can be helpful to examine the ends of a spectrum, simply for the purpose of increasing our awareness. In that spirit, join me for this study in caricatures, exploring seven...

June 15, 2016

Almost every day I get stuck in some way. Sometimes it’s a relatively small thing, like failing to write a thank you note to someone who helped me out. Other times, it’s a really big deal, like not updating my website… you know, the one that still looks like it was des...

June 1, 2016

For some people, the term collaborative leadership is an oxymoron. From their perspective, either you are leading or your collaborating, but never both. This series of articles is designed to bring those terms into alignment. It provides immediately useful definit...

May 15, 2016

When there's work to be done, it's tempting to jump in with both feet and get started right away. But when that work involves collaborating with others, here are few things to consider before taking the leap:

1. Know Yourself: If you prefer working alone, maybe that’s w...

May 1, 2016

If you've been following this series, you know it’s important to build ownership and alignment when collaborating with others. Last time, we looked at what it takes to build alignment on teams. Here, we do the same for ownership.

The concept of owner...

April 15, 2016

Let’s talk about alignment. Specifically, let’s talk about the challenges inherent in building alignment among diverse stakeholders and stakeholder groups. I’ll begin with some general observations about trust, communication and alignment, and then offer five helpful g...

March 15, 2016

In my most recent post, I introduced the Collaborative Operating System’s (COS) definition of collaboration in some detail. If you haven’t seen the article, check it out. Several readers expressed appreciation for its power and simplicity.

Here’s that definition again,...

March 1, 2016

In the first post of this series, I listed the top five reasons companies fail at collaboration. Number one on the list is that coworkers rarely develop and agree upon a sufficiently explicit definition of collaboration. For anyone interested in leading collaboratively...

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March 28, 2017

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