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Collaboration Training & Support

In order to collaborate effectively, teams needs to align on:

  • CONTENT:  The problem they're solving together

  • CONTEXT:  How that problem and its various solutions may affect others

  • PROCESS:  Their approach to solving the problem, including 

    • how to involve others who may be affected by the team's work

    • how team meetings will be designed and facilitated

  • ROLES:  Who will be responsible for what

  • RULES (agreements):  The norms of behavior on the team

Almost any breakdown in collaboration that occurs can be traced back to leaving implicit, or failing to align and execute along one or more of those crutial dimensions.

We can help...

Through training, facilitation and support, we help teams:

  • Establish a common ​understanding of what it means to collaborate

  • Identify and clarify the core problem that the team is working on

  • Design and facilitate collaborative meetings

  • Develop a charter, defining the team's work, project paramenters, and the individual roles and responsibilities of each team member

  • Develop agreements so that unproductive conflict is minimized, and the team becomes self-governing and highly engaged

  • Identify and involve the appropriate internal and external stakeholders

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