Helping Kids Through Conflict

Let’s face it. Most of us grew up in a hierarchical family. Parents were the rulers of the household, and kids were expected to follow as loyal subjects. If we made our families’ operating principles explicit from the perspective of the child, they might read: Do as you are told. Do not talk back to your parents. Do not question your parent’s authority. They know best and do not appreciate explaining their reasoning. Simply trust that they know best. When rules are established, you are expected to comply with them. When you don't, you'll be punished. The punishment will vary depending upon your parents’ subjective assessment of the situation and also upon their current mood and dispos

Collaborative Family: Top 10 Tips for Parents

These are the top 10 lessons I’ve learned as a father and a leadership coach about raising collaboratively minded children. They were culled from a much longer list which is linked below for readers hungry for more. As you read, keep in mind that what works for one parent or family may not for another. Things will not always go smoothly, no matter how wise or well-tested your approach. Fortunately, children are resilient. They muddle through despite more than a few “mistakes.” The suggestions have come to me through experience, observation, research, and years of working with clients whose aim was to raise collaboratively-minded children. No matter your age or experience, I hope you find thi

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