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Freedom from Feeling Stuck

Almost every day I get stuck in some way. Sometimes it’s a relatively small thing, like failing to write a thank you note to someone who helped me out. Other times, it’s a really big deal, like not updating my website… you know, the one that still looks like it was designed ten years ago?

Thankfully, most of time I find a way to get myself unstuck. But some problems are super sticky. With those, all too often I conveniently find a way to distract myself from doing anything about it. (Maybe you’re doing that right now by reading this post. Don’t feel bad… it’s what we all do.)

If I pause long enough to listen to my thoughts, I realize that I’m actually afraid to take action. More likely, I’m afraid of the response (or lack of it) my actions will evoke. Whatever the reason, being stuck can last for a while… days, weeks, months, even years. And being stuck feels horrible!

When I’m stuck, that’s when I most appreciate my coach. Sometimes, it’s just not enough to be my own coach or to rely on friends and family for support. Honestly, some problems are hard to admit even to myself, much less to my friends or family. But my coach has a way of making it safe enough to explore what’s true – that I’m feeling stuck and I'm not sure what to do about it – and to help me get moving again.

That’s also why I derive a deep sense of purpose from being a coach. I know what a big difference it makes to get myself back into action, and I know how much my clients appreciate it too. The beauty of taking action is that either it gets me closer to what I want, or it creates a result that I can learn from. Either way, I win. And most of all, I no longer feel stuck.

So if you’re feeling stuck today, do yourself a favor and find a coach. Find your coach. If I sound like the right coach for you, then click here to learn about my approach. But regardless, take some action today. Why not this very moment?

Yours, Coach Mark

If you're a person who likes to do research before taking action, try Googling "benefits of coaching". There's no end of encouraging data out there. Just be careful not to get overwhelmed so that you stay stuck. Take action today!

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